SCC Building
Saltford Community Church Building

Who we are

Our church is made up from mainly local people who attend with their families and friends and come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some have always attended church, others have recently returned to church after a number of years away. The church also accommodates and welcomes many who have never previously been to church, who as a result of coming and seeing for themselves have found it to be a positive experience. We are also delighted to say that those who join us range from the very young to those who are getting on in years. Most visitors to our church comment on the warm and informal family atmosphere.

We believe that which traditional Christianity has always stood for, and yet many describe our services as informal, friendly and informative. Most of the church will stay behind after the services enjoying each other’s company over a cup of tea or coffee. Our motto is that ‘Church should be enjoyed, rather than endured’ and that is why so many pensioners, families, young men and women enjoy coming on a regular basis.

What we offer

Among a number of meetings, which cater for every age group, we are unashamed in saying that what we primarily offer is not just a community service but a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the one who has given many people a new start, a tangible hope and an amazing love and compassion, which has been a wonderful surprise. Our close friends and family can listen and sympathise with our situation; some may be able to empathise. However there are situations and circumstances in life that only God can fully understand.

We do not offer religion but we present the authentic Jesus Christ without ritual or money getting in the way. This is why every meeting in the church is free. You will not be asked for money at any time, as it is just good to see you and your family. You are our guests and therefore it is our absolute privilege to welcome you to our warm and friendly fellowship.