From the Pastor’s Desk

The Sins of Old Age.

King Asa of Judah in the Bible [ 2. Chronicles 14-16] was one of the good kings of Judah. He loved God and sought to put God first in his life from an early age. For this the Lord God gave him a long life peace and wealth.

However, as he got older, five years before his death, he began to think more about himself and less of God. Because of that God sent an army against him. Instead of asking God for help in his problems, he paid for the Syrians to come and fight for him against his enemies. The Syrians won the battle, Asa was safe and secure, but a prophet from God came from God and rebuked him.

What was the problem? He had trusted in his wealth, his power and in the Syrians rather than God. When he was rebuked, he reacted against God, Asa never said sorry to God, he became bitter and twisted and began to take it out on the people. He started his rule as a godly and a good king. He ended his life as a cruel, twisted, and sick man who resented God. He did not die well.

John Wesley that great man of God of the 18th century said of his people “my people die well”. They died well because they served God to the end of their lives. May we die well, not in the sins of old age, but because we put God first in our lives.