A Mouse Story…

In the autumn I was weeding the veg patch and this small field mouse was trying its utmost to get into the compost bin via the little door. It was throwing itself at the door, about 15cm off the ground, chewing for all it was worth for 3 or 4 minutes then slumping to the floor in exhaustion. After a rest it would have another go and I watched it have about 10 attempts, each lasting about 3 – 4 minutes before it gave up. I guessed it might be a Mummy mouse looking for somewhere to build a nest for winter.

Today I was emptying the compost bin and to my horror realised I had disturbed a nest of these field mice. I had sliced off the side, showing a tiny furry baby mouse, blind I think and barely able to move. Shortly after, Mummy mouse appeared around the side of the diminishing compost heap to assess the threat level to her nest and brood. Deciding it was red alert, she legged it.

Shortly afterwards one of the babies fell out of the nest. What was I going to do now? Clearly it couldn’t survive, as Mummy mouse had gone. I carefully scooped it up and placed it under the fence. A couple of minutes later out of the corner of my eye, a flash of movement as Mummy mouse picked up her offspring by the scruff of the neck and scurried off with it next door.

Two more babies ended up falling out so I put those in the same place. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later each time, Mummy mouse retrieved her offspring. We put the un-rotted compost back in the bin and really hope the family will come back to their home. Shouldn’t be disturbed again until next year.

I really thought that Mummy muse had abandoned her babies to save her own skin, but I was dead wrong. She put her own life in danger to collect each of her babies. Sometimes we think God doesn’t care that much when we go through difficult times, also dead wrong. Sometimes he allows us to get into a difficult situation so that we pray more and seek his face. It’s usually through trials that we prove how much he really does love us.