From the pastor’s desk.

Micah 5:2.

Little Bethlehem smallest of the towns of Judah – from you came the Lord Jesus, He who would be ruler over Israel. Jesus of course is much more than that. He is ruler and Lord of all.

This verse is an encouragement to the smallest of churches, smallest of ministries; for out of them can come something big and of eternal value for the Kingdom of God. The Bible tells us that we are not to despise the day of small things, but out of acorns a mighty oak can grow.

From a word the creation came into existence. God said and it was. Jesus spoke “Lazarus come forth” and the dead man became alive once more. God could well speak another word, “It is finished!” and the earth would dissolve, fallen creation simply melt away.

Then God could say another word, and the church which seems so weak, vulnerable and frail would become a mighty sword in God’s hand to the destruction of the devil’s kingdom.

O Lord do this for your little church here at Saltford. May it be a true sword in the hand of King Jesus. Amen.