My Testimony

I had a happy childhood but none of the family thought about God at all. At 17 I was asked out by a Christian guy. As we got to know each other he tried to talk to me about God but I really wasn’t interested, in fact I began to get angry when he suggested that all was not well between God and me. I just didn’t want to think about it.

Being dragged (almost literally!) into church was odd. I quite enjoyed the service! From there I began to consider God’s claims on my life but after a few weeks decided that following Christ was too big a step and not for me. However, God had other ideas! During an afternoon chat I suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to get down on my knees. I fought tooth and nail – but lost. David prayed over me and suddenly – I guess I’m a Christian.

I found myself wanting to read the Bible and pray, neither of which I’d had any interest in before. It was about 3 months later, going to church and learning about this God who had called me to himself that I began to realise that sin is a complete barrier between God and human beings. My life was outwardly respectable but inside it was always me first and the Bible calls that sin.

That was 40 years ago and God has been beside me all the way since. In the inevitable difficult times it’s been so good to know that I can trust him, that nothing happens just by blind chance. I have a prayer answering God who loves me.