Loose Ends

7 January 2024
We read from Acts 18:18-28, where Paul returns to Antioch from Corinth and we learn of the preaching of Apollos.


6 August 2023
We return to our study of Paul's missionary journey. This week finds us in Acts 17:16-21, where Paul meets the Philosophers of Athens.


11 June 2023
This evening we turn to Acts 16 and think about the ways in which Paul and Silas sought God's guidance in the missionary journeys.


25 September 2022
This evening we see how opposition arose to Paul and Barnabas as they preached in the city of Lystra.

Persecutions, souls saved

11 September 2022
This evening we read from Acts 14:1-21, where Paul and Barnabas visit the cities of Iconium, Lystra and Derbe. We will see both great persecution and great blessing in this…